Kinder Room – Wantirna

Wantirna Kinder room operates around an interest based curriculum for 3-5 year olds. As a dedicated educator, we plan an educational program that will facilitate children through encouragement, positive role modelling, scaffolding and intentional teaching. Family input and involvement is important. At this age it is important to encourage independence, self-help and social skills in readiness for school. Children’s voice is respected and moulds what we learn as a group.

The Kinder room provides structured but flexible routines, independent and group learning. Our group sessions will involve intentional teaching on an assortment of areas of the world around us and is supported by technology through the iPad, books, games and verbal communication. Reading, writing and music is implemented throughout Swinburne’s Kinder sessions.

Empowering children to do things for themselves brings forth their sense of autonomy. Self-select areas provide opportunities for independent exploration and opportunities for children to practice literacy, numeracy, reading and writing skills. A constant art area provides children with creativity and manipulative practice with an array of tools. We have progressive morning and afternoon tea times where children are encouraged to independently get their own eating / drinking implements, serve and clean up.

We are currently working on two long term projects within the room, based on the children’s interests; Building a solar system and the fundraiser Art exhibition, our theme being A Moment in Time.

Embedded Community Engagement:

In addition to the monthly program, our Kinder children regularly visit Villa Maria (aged care facility). Our children interact with residents and engage in activities, offering learning opportunities for them to become familiar and comfortable with the elderly community. Not only do our Kinder children benefit but the residents receive stimulation and a sense of purpose through interaction. We are now in our second year of our community engagement and all participants are thoroughly enjoying the experience.

We have also taken a walk to the Library (on Swinburne’s campus) where we participated in The Simultaneous Story Time week and were shown how to borrow books.

Around our Room