Babies Room – Wantirna

Our room strives to continually nurture each child in a warm, loving and caring environment. As children of such a young age all have specific routines, it is our priority to meet individual needs. In our eyes the most important contribution we can give as carers/educators is providing learning experiences to assist in children’s development; at the same time forming strong relationships to provide a safe and secure environment. We offer learning experiences for both indoor/outdoor programs, providing our children with a safe space to explore their outdoor environment.

Embedded Community Engagement:

‘Art Pen Pal Australia’ is a fantastic opportunity to immerse our children’s involvement within the wider community. We are currently linked with children’s centres in North Queensland and Western Australia. Each month, children’s artwork, along with a small blurb of our current interests, will be posted to these centres and we eagerly await their reply. We are also involved in the production of an Art Exhibition of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. This entails our children to create their own little Hungry Caterpillar for a Story Board.

Our goal is to help our children develop a sense of belonging to groups and communities and understanding reciprocal rights and responsibilities for active community practice.

We are also lucky enough to have recently received (from a local Secondary School) a freshly painted cubby, year 9 students have hand painted themselves.

Around our Room