Pre-Kinder Room – View Street

Children are made to feel included, respected and given a sense of autonomy and independence. In our View Street Pre-Kinder room we strive to make each child’s day full of wonder and exploration. Every learning opportunity is derived from our children’s thoughts and imagination, extending on this by providing opportunities through creative play and offering our children different learning styles, as we understand that each child in our room is unique and has individual interests.

Our room would love to have a pet dinosaur to look after, feed and possibly even ride. I’m sure we can think of an animal that we can nurture in the near future, maybe we could name him Dino… We look forward to introducing a new pet to our room very soon.

Embedded Community Engagement:

At the beginning of 2015 View Street’s Pre Kinders wrote letters to surrounding neighbours and then went on a small walk to post our letters. We received a number of replies.

In the coming months, the group are going on a mini excursion to post our reply letters, thanking our neighbours for their return letters and inviting them along with their pets for afternoon tea at our View Street Centre.

Around our Room