Babies Room – View Street

At Swinburne Children’s Centre (View St) our babies are loved and respected. Educators plan a play based program built around each child’s interest, knowledge, culture and ideas; implemented through planned and spontaneous experiences. Our babies’ room houses 3 pet bearded dragons. The children love their pets, and we are always excited to see them building their confidence as they handle and help take care of our special friends.

We enjoy working with families to ensure that each child’s individual needs are met. To assist with this, information is recorded on daily routine sheets which families fill out at commencement of their child’s care. To ensure children’s routines are followed and kept up to date, educators continuously communicate with families. Our room offers a restful sleep area, each child is able to sleep when needed and meal times are progressive to ensure autonomy in each child.

We welcome all new families to our room and look forward to meeting you soon.

Embedded Community Engagement:

Recently our Babies embarked on a mini outing to deliver some of the children’s paintings, along with a letter to our next door neighbors. We received a very excited responsive return letter.

Following on from our first adventure, we are going to post a return letter to our new friends. We will inform them about our art gallery, our theme/plan and how exciting it would be if they could attend the gallery, also including sample pieces from the natural material art experiences we have recently prepared for the art gallery.

We also discovered our neighbors have a vegetable garden and since we are interested in creating a herb wall as a part of our project, we are inviting our friends to help create the wall. Having our neighbors involved is giving our children a sense of belonging as well as learning to interact in relation to others with care, empathy and respect.

Our Babies have shown ongoing interests creating sensory experiences for our outdoor yard. So far they have been involved in making stained glass windows for hanging on our fence, painting different lamp shades (using different techniques including rolling and finger painting) to hang in our tree and help sand our cable reel.

We also encourage parents, family members and friends to donate recycled materials for some of our ideas. We look forward to adding to our project throughout the year.

Around our Room