Kinder Room – Croydon

Swinburne Children’s Centres offer a fully funded kindergarten program for children who are 4, or turning 4 before the 30th of April of that same year. Our qualified kindergarten teacher tailors the program in accordance with children’s interest whilst incorporating play based learning, aiming to establish a strong foundation for children in their early years of learning. We provide a safe, caring and inclusive educational environment, encouraging children to explore their individual potential and develop their independence; also assisting children with a smooth transition into primary school. We welcome everyone to join us for a pleasant and rewarding year to come.

With this in mind our program includes a wide variety of interactive learning activities that are planned to children’s interests and needs including:

  • An indoor setting, each table and corner carefully pre-planned and packaged with a holistic view.
  • An outdoor yard ready for any little explorer, with sand pits, climbing equipment, vegetable gardens, water play and much more, in a natural setting to discover.
  • Incursions with interesting visitors who enlighten us all with their skills, knowledge and resources to share.
  • Excursions to new exciting places to discover diversity and broaden the children’s understanding of the world.

Embedded Community Engagement:

‘Developing a Multicultural Kindergarten Environment’. Our project is based on inclusion and diversity. Providing kinder children with the opportunity to perceive diversity as an advantage and that it extends within the wider community, also giving our children a sense of belonging.

We have four topics to cover over the year, these are as follows:

Term 1 – Chinese Culture: We explored a variety of hands on activities such as making Chinese lanterns/fire crackers/dragon puppets/paper plate pandas, Chinese calligraphy practice with brushes, ink stones and ink sticks, cooking fried rice and serving/eating with chop sticks.

Term 2 – Australian Culture: We learnt some basic history on ANZAC Day and making ANZAC biscuits, investigated aboriginal art (dot painting), Australian animal themed storytelling and dance.

We are looking forward to more fun in the upcoming months with 2 of our educators sharing their cultural background with us.

Term 3 – African Culture

Term 4 – Burmese Culture

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