Babies’ Room – Croydon

We pride ourselves on a caring and responsive environment for our families, with an atmosphere that is relaxing, warm and inviting for everyone.

Croydon’s baby room offers interest based learning experiences which are both group and individually created to inspire learning, growth and fun. With each child comes individual routines, and educators happily support families in their values and beliefs. Learning occurs both indoors and outdoors and whatever the weather, our outdoor area is always open for the children to explore their environment in a safe and protected undercover play space; with the opportunity to discover the delights of the garden with flowers and seasonal vegetables, which all children are able to assist with planting, watering, watching them flourish, and then enjoy as part of their daily meals.

We are also lucky enough to have our pet budgie ‘Snowy’ join in our daily routines.

Embedded Community Engagement:

The children also benefit from our community involvement with the residents of Kirkbrae Retirement Village; coming once a month to engage in experiences with the children, from painting, play dough fun and singing, to sharing in cuddles and the occasional help with a bottle feed. 

Around our Room