At Swinburne Children’s Centre we offer a comprehensively planned, healthy and balanced menu using fresh and seasonal produce. We also use freshly grown produce from our centre’s vegetable and herb gardens. All 3 centres implement sustainability; encouraging children to assist educators to plant, nurture and harvest the vegetables.

Our Croydon centre houses 2 chickens. Educators encourage children to help feed and care for our feathery friends, as well as collecting fresh eggs.

Swinburne’s Cooks are heavily involved throughout our centre rooms. Offering learning experiences such as;

  • Cooking: Measuring, stirring and eating their own masterpieces is a great way to help children learn and practice numeracy, communication and self-confidence.
  • Self-service: Children are encouraged to serve themselves; encouraging autonomy, fine motor skills, communication and language skills.
  • Mentoring and providing knowledge of a balanced diet and healthy eating plan on a daily basis.