Ebony Scollary | Kinder Teacher, View St

My name is Ebony Scollary and I have been working with Swinburne Children’s centres for 16 years. I began my Early Childhood Education journey at our Lilydale service as a diploma trained Educator, then furthered my study to attain my Bachelor of Teaching (birth to five years) in 2010. Early childhood education is very dear to my heart, and I am passionate about giving every child the very best opportunity to develop a love of learning. I have a particular interest in children’s literature, and sharing with children the joy of books, storytelling and reading is something that I delight in as a teacher.

Outside of my time as the pre-school teacher at Swinburne Children’s Centre View Street, I am a wife and mother of two rambunctious and boisterous boys. Emerson is 5 and Levi is 2, and they both keep me on my toes. Becoming a mother has really helped me to develop a more holistic understanding of children and their development, and it has given me a sensitivity to the importance of the family in a child’s education and learning. As a family we enjoy going to the football (go Saints!) and spending time at the beach in summer. In my alone time, I enjoy reading and making resources to share with my students at pre-school.

I warmly welcome you to pop in and have a chat anytime to discuss your child and our learning program.